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Changing Your Financial Destiny are you Stuck?

If you are pondering on this subject on how to change your circumstances and create your financial destiny you may be asking yourself –

Are you afraid of making too much money?

I’m thinking that maybe (just maybe!) you are worried
that money will…

…ruin you?
…make people “hate” you?
…make you feel greedy?
…make you less spiritual.

I don’t know….but money can make people feel
weird. Undeserving. Selfish.

It’s called a “limiting belief”. It’s a
real problem that keeps people stuck.

It kept me stuck for a long time.
I had to give myself permission to succeed.

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What’s A Great Gift For Mother on Mother’s Day?

happy mothers dayOften,shopping for Mother’s Day is not limited to just your mom. There’s your wife, of course… grandma, your mother-in-law, and don’t forget your sister is now a mom too, and maybe a daughter has become a mother. Have a peek at some gift suggestions for each of these wonderful women on your list! (CLICK ON THE PIC)

Give any of these special ladies in your life gift that will keep on giving. A special plant or a beautiful boquet of flowers with their favorites in there.

Did you know there is a membership site that offers anything you may wish to purchase for Mother’s Day and you will be rewarded with cash back on all your purchases.  The other exciting idea would be is to gift thee special ladies with their own VIP Membership where they can purchase throughout the year and get cash back on their purchases (this truly will be a gift that keeps on giving)!  There is over 4000 leading merchants to choose from and millions of products available. (click on the pic NOW AND GO SHOPPING)

Learn How To Write A Letter of Gratitude

letterGRATITUDE defined (a noun)-the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful:

Here is such a great article on Gratitude I wanted to share it with all who read:”There are many ways to write a gratitude letter, but here I am going to offer two methods:” 


Rob Martin and Jacq Pollock The Authors: “Words: they encapsulate the way we perceive and publicize ourselves with the world.  They offer a mode of capturing and communicating the images that have been meticulously sculpted within our mind.  They allow us to decipher, understand and empathize with others.  The way we use, choose and abuse them is an echo of who we are.  Our unique use of language is a mirror into our soul.  We are our words and we should use them wisely.”

being true“In case you haven’t heard it in a while, or ever, I need you to know that you are talented. Contained within you is a wealth of gifts that you are meant to share. Know that you are far better than you have ever given yourself credit for. The script that you write within your mind does not compare to how extraordinary you really are. Too often, you see a false version of yourself that does not resemble the truth. You are not ordinary; you are a gift to this world. You were not meant to blend in; you are meant to shine. From now on, believe in your unique talents and allow them to flow from within you. When this happens, the world will become a more beautiful place because of you.”

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