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Great Savings and Great Value – equals a vacation! Start with Cyber Monday Deals!


It’s Cyber Monday coming up – awesome giveaway to help you save money on holidays and shopping.fabulous

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Here is a small sample of participating merchants where you will save money online 9.9%, Expedia 7.8%, Budget car rental 9.9%, Avis car rental 10.5%,

Ace Airport Parking 18%, Sea World Resort 10.9%

Best Buy 6.5%, Sony 8%, Kogan 6.5%, Staples 6.7%,

Quicksilver 12.5%, Sunglasses Shop 12.5%, Clinique 17%, Crazy

Sales 9.2%,

David Jones 10.2%, ROXY 12.5%,Masters 7.5%,DanMurphys 8.4%,

Groupon 9.2%, Deals Direct 9.2%, Hush Puppies 13%, Bonds 11.8%,

Specific to the USA

Nordstrom 9.1%, iTunes 10.2%, Walmart 7%, Bloomingdales 8%, JCPenny 7.8%,

KMart 7.2%, Macy’s 7.8%,

Sams Club 7.3%, Sears 7%, Target 7%, Priceline 11%, Hotel Club 15.1%

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Have a fabulous Shopping Season – Your family is worth it


SOLUTION! – Maxamize Your Shopping Dollar – Busy Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs

Sooooo business and family commitments are sapping your energy –  and there is shopping to do – SOLUTION – do it all online AND get REWARDED!

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People get an early start on Black Friday shopping deals at a Walmart Superstore on November 22, 2012 in Rosemead, California, as many retailers stayed opened during the Thanksgiving celebrations, evidence that even this cherished American family holiday is falling prey to the forces of commerce. AFP PHOTO / Frederic J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)




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Changing Your Financial Destiny are you Stuck?

If you are pondering on this subject on how to change your circumstances and create your financial destiny you may be asking yourself –

Are you afraid of making too much money?

I’m thinking that maybe (just maybe!) you are worried
that money will…

…ruin you?
…make people “hate” you?
…make you feel greedy?
…make you less spiritual.

I don’t know….but money can make people feel
weird. Undeserving. Selfish.

It’s called a “limiting belief”. It’s a
real problem that keeps people stuck.

It kept me stuck for a long time.
I had to give myself permission to succeed.

So, please…with an open mind, click this
link and consider this…2 dreams

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